News from Japan

Alex sent me some news about how he is getting on in Tokyo that I thought people may like to see:

Hi Gary,

how’s things going? Just thought I’d drop a line to let you know how everything’s going with the training, thought people might be interested (plus they don`t wanna enable cookies in the internet cafe so can`t use the blog!).

The training is a bit odd; it`s remarkably formal in some senses and really casual in others. The main training session is solely randoori. It’s turn up and warm up on your own, then grab someone for some uchi-komi. Then it`s randori, just grab soeone and go on for as long as you want (in my case can manage!). Then just keep going on with people until the session is over. The senseis don’t do that much in the main session (I think they mostly teach beginners).

Although there is a team of Russians here for a big international comp that I’ve been fighting (they’re good, and they seem to like fighting me, not sure if that’s good or bad!). Anyway one of the senseis fought one of these russians in practice, one of the best fights I’ve ever seen! Japanese speed and skill against the russian strength and the more non-traditional skills.

The accommodation is ok, very bare but functional enough. Anyone planning to come and stay I’d not recommend the dorms for more than a couple of nights..

Other than that Tokyo has some intersting sights but is really busy pretty much everywhere. More so than London I would say.


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