BUCS Day 1

Successful first day up in sheffield: Herac was up first with two pools of 4 in the U66k Kyu Grade competition.

After the first few contests his pool had a 3 way tie for first place with each player on 2 ippons each. After fighting a 2nd round he finished 2nd in the pool to Neil who some of you will remember from our team last year – now fighting for Manchester.

After their extra efforts Herac and Neil both found the semi finals hard and ended up with bronze medals, Hera losing to the eventual gold medallist.

Jacek had more work to do in the U73K Kyu Grades, with 5 pools in total. He made short work of his pool, taking 3 ippon wins in efficient style. The knockout was a bit cruel as he was one of the few players without a bye at the first stage. He won the first round of the knockout, but in the quarter final he struggled with a fresher player who had not had to fight in the first knockout round – it was a close match but Jacek lost by Yuko in the golden score period. However he then made very short work of the repechage final with a nicr foot sweep to ensure another Bronze medal for the team.

Dan managed to make life a little easier for himself by squeezing down to u81kg but found himself in a tough pool. He won his first fight against a first kyu from durham, but despite a good effort he lost to the defending champion from Bath in his next contest. He came out strong in his 3rd contest but got caught by a very nice hip throw so wasn’t able to get to the knockout phase.

Last man in action on the day, Matt had a long wait for his fights. He won his first contest with a hold, lost the second but had done enough to get out of the pool of 3. Unfortunately the London player he drew in the knockout was a little too strong, but not strong enought to pull Matt into the repechage so he didn’t get to progress any further.

So, a respectable result with 2 bronzes from 4 players for the first days action.


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