June 18, 2009

After Tuesday’s session it was clear there would not be enough people around to run a session tonight, so judo at the university is now officially on summer holiday.

If you are around Southampton over the summer then there will be people heading to local clubs to train so keep an eye on your email for offers of lifts. The clubs we usually go to are on our web site at the bottom of the training times page:


If I don’t see you over the summer, have a good break, see you back on the mat in October!



June 14, 2009

Its the last week of term so sessions this week will be the last ones before the autumn! It would be great if as many people as possible can get down on Tuesday for one last session. Thursday will run as well, if people commit to coming down.

There will be visits to local clubs over the summer break so anyone still around should keep an eye on their email for lifts. And if you’re up for some competition, the Hampshire Open is at the beginning of July, entry form is here:


See you on Tuesday!