Joining the Judo club

October 6, 2009

Thanks to all the people who came along to see us at the bunfight, but if you missed us there you can still come along to see us at our sessions – we’re very friendly!

If you are interested in trying judo, then our beginners session on Thursdays at 8pm to 930pm will quickly teach you the basics and give you a feel for what judo is all about. No experience is necessary, just come along with loose clothing that you are happy to have pulled around – for instance jogging trousers and a sweat shirt.

If you have done some judo before then we have sessions for you on Tuesday at 8pm to 930pm and Sunday from 5pm to 7pm.

If you are new to judo or have not been active for a while, then we can order good quality judo suits from Blitz at trade prices. Details of the membership requirements of the club, primarily set by the Athletic Union and SportRec department, are on the membership page of our web site.

Don’t be shy – come along and have a go. We have people joining the club at all times during the year so don’t worry if other events mean you miss the sessions at the beginning of term.