Martial arts room out of action

Hi all,

Sadly i have some bad news. The martial arts room has had some problems recently, and they’ve only got worse so the room is out of action for the time being. This means there will be no training until we can either sort out somewhere else to train or the AU/Uni sort out the room. I’ll keep you posted as i hear more news on the matter. For the time being keep your eye on the mailing list for alternative sessions with other clubs.


*** Update *** 16/11/10 11:03

We are looking into getting some mats in a squash court – I will let everyone know if we’re successful. Matt

*** Update *** 16/11/10 13:36

I’m waiting for a confirmation but it looks like judo will be on tonight in squash court 3 at 8-9.20. Unfortunately we need to put mats down so if people could turn up 10 mins early that would be great. The session will be mainly theory. (i’ll make sure i update this when its definite)


*** Update *** 16/11/10 14:29

Ok, all sorted. No training Thursday as it stands and there is a session tonight in squash court 3 at 8 till 9.20. Please could people turn up promptly to help with mats. Thanks!


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