So, exams are almost over, and soon the new semester will start. This also means that its competition time. Its the beginning of a term, and theres a long easter holiday after it, so work loads are at a minimum. Which means no excuses for not going to every training session and getting in every fight you can. The end of this term sees BUCS the big university tournament, with both team and individual events. This is all paid for by the AU, so its a given that your all going to this 😀

Now. To make sure we do well at BUCS its traditional for us to venture to Sheffield for a competition with them, but this year we’ve got our eye on another fixture.

After a little discussion, we’ve decided to head off to Brunel for the London Senior University Open Championships. This got lots of good press last year, and is only a day event so doesn’t take the whole weekend away. Its on saturday the 12th of February, so not far away. Its point scoring for all you dan grades, and is in 3 grade banding to keep fights more interesting for the rest of us. Its £10 entry, which is done online and the deadline is the 5th of feb. Transport will be sorted by the club.

We also have the possibility of Sheffield if people are interested. I’m not going to push this because we’ve decided that its best to set our sights on two and get lots going to them, than try and fail for all 3. However, if enough people are keen, then i will happily sort out entry for us. Sheffield is on the 18th of feb and can be found here: Entries for this need to be in by the 7th of feb.

Finally BUCS is on the 18-20th of march, but i’ll let you know more about that nearer the time. Everyone needs an up-to-date BJA license for any competitions or gradings, so double check yours has been sorted. Also, if anyone is over 21 with 3 years driving experience and has never had points on their license then can you let me know as we need anther mini bus driver.


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