Matsumachi Club Visit

At last night’s training session, we had a visit from Paul Sawyer and his club Matsumachi. The plan was for some training with new faces followed by a friendly team contest to give everyone a low key opportunity for a more competitive experience. Some players had more contest experience than others but it was a good exercise for everyone.

Warming up with uchi komi

After a warm up and looking at a nice simple but effective piece of groundwork technique courtesy of Paul we ran the contest between 2 teams of 6.

Fighting approximately from lightweight to heavyweight, Matsumachi took an early lead as they won the first fight by ippon, and the second contest finished as a draw with each player scoring yuko and waza-ari.

Herac heading for a hard fought draw

That was the sign for Southampton to start to fight back and we then leveled the match with an ippon hold down before Matsumachi edged back into the lead with the score Southampton 1, Matsumachi 2.

Home team honour was retained as Richard and Matt won the final 2 contests with nice ippon throws.

Richard throwing with seoi nage 2

Paul did a great job refereeing the contest and making everyone work hard to be awarded good scores. Looking forward to the return match when we hope to visit Matsumachi in Christchurch.

More photos on the club Flickr stream at

The visit from the camera crew was to capture some footage for the SUSUtv Sports Show so all those present will be famous in a few weeks and there should be a write up in Wessex Scene as well.


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