Hampshire Closed 2011

We only had a small contingent at the Hampshire Closed today but it was a successful outing nonetheless.

Andrew fought in u81kg, having not quite got down to u73kg where he plans to fight at BUCS. Despite giving away plenty of weight to many of the other players in a pool of 5 he put together a great set of well controlled contests, winning his first 3 contests with Ippon from throws and a strangle.

The final contest of the pool was also the decider for 1st and 2nd places – Andrew started well and went ahead with a yuko score but unfortunately his opponent was injured having caught his leg while being thrown. The referees decided that too much medical attention had been needed for the injury and the fight was ended prematurely leaving Andrew the winner by default. Despite a difficult end the gold medal was well deserved after a good day’s judo.

Andrew throwing for Ippon

Nathan had a more mixed day out winning one contest through a disqualification but also having good committed attacks blocked with equally good counters and came away with a bronze medal.

u81kg Medallists, Andrew with Bronze

u90kg Medallists, Nathan with Bronze


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