AGM – Thursday 24th March

The AGM will take place on the 24th of March, the week following BUCS. This is where we elect the new committee, who will run the club next year. The four main rolls up for grabs are:

  • Club Captain
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Social Sec

The committee needs a minimum of three people, but we can have additional positions if there are more keen people.

The committee has a few roles that it needs to fulfil throughout the year. Firstly, the organisation and attendance of the Bun Fight to bring in new freshers. This is an important start to the year, but is before the semester officially starts, so it doesn’t interfere with any work/lectures. The second is the organisation of competitions. Their are lots of events we could go to as a club, but often we only pick a few and try and get a good team together for these. Also the club needs to generate some money to keep going. This is primarily from membership, but also by filling in forms for the AU. If your good at slogging through paperwork you can get lots of money for the club! Lastly and most importantly (and probably what has lacked allot this year) are the socials. These can be as regular as you like, but are a good way to bring the club together and help create a team spirit.

There are a few little things that also happen during the year, including the refreshers fair, martial arts forum, various AU meetings etc, but these are very small in comparison to the above (which isn’t much). If you have any questions about positions, feel free to ask me, Andrew or Gary.

Please could everyone make an effort to turn up on the Thursday of the AGM. It will take place right after the session at 9.30. If you can’t make the session, could you still turn up for the AGM. We will be off to the pub afterwards for a celebratory drink.



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