BUCS 2012

March 22, 2012

We were at BUCS this weekend with a team of 5 – Will, Dan,Giorgio, Josh and Andrew. Once again the cometition was part of the larger BUCS championship in Sheffield and the standard was high in both the Kyu and Dan grade categories.

After the usual trawl up the M1, everyone was weighed in and we had a nice tour of Sheffield in search of our hotel thanks to my brain dead sat-nav. Eventually we found our hotel (new and improved over previous years with no karaoke and good food!). Once checked 5 hungry players proceeded to try and clear out the kitchen before rolling into bed

Saturdays timetable combined with our lightweight team meant that we started with 4 players spread over 3 mats in the u73 categories.


Andrew, Josh and Dan all made it through their respective pools into the knockout stage.

Andrew in particular had a great start to the day winning all his pool contests by ippon. After winning the first round of the knockout with another ippon throw he met eventual winner Patrick Dawson in the second round and was thrown for ippon himself. Final position was a very respectable 7th from the category of 26. The icing on the cake was collecting the remaining points needed for his dan grade.


Josh won his first knockout contest before being eliminated while Dan lost his first contest to a strong player from Anglia Ruskin.

Will was fighting in the u66 category having not quite made weight for the u60s. Unfortunately he drew a pretty strong pool and didn’t make it into the knockout.


After raiding the hotel restaurant again and a good night’s sleep we were back at Don Valley Stadium for the team competition. Another tough draw meant our u73 players were faced with a lot of u90 players and the experienced 3 man team from Heriott Watt that would eventually take a bronze medal, so we didn’t make it out of our pool.

As usual the team competition saw lots of good judo and close matches. In particular the mens final between Oxford and Anglia Ruskin was a nail biting affair that went all the way to the final contest.



While we didn’t return with a pile of medals our new team members now know just what the standard is like and what they need to work on for next year.

More photos on our Flickr stream here : http://www.flickr.com//photos/southamptonuniversityjudo/sets/72157629623017603/show/


Southampton Uni vs Matsumachi

March 1, 2012

As many of you will know, last Tuesday was the most recent visit from Matsumachi Judo Club for another friendly team contest. This one was timed to provide some contest experience in the run up to BUCS at the end of term.

For this particular visit Matsumachi had a large party of 12 which meant that along with our own players the mat was more crowded than we have seen for some time.

After a warm up we decided to get theĀ  team contest complete first before finishing the session with randori. With a little creativity we laid out a sequence of contests that meant everyone was presented with an opponent of approximately the right size and some players had the bonus of extra contests!


Matsumachi Southampton
Ben Grant X Josh Davies
Jacob Grant X Will Betts
Dan Grant X Dan Spencer
Phil Grant X Josh Davies
Marian X Giorgio Burella
Andrew Lastnka X Vlad Niste
Rad Zdziabek X Nathan Farmer
Jeremy Tucker X Riccardo Castelli
Greg Elderfield X Dan Spencer
Rad Zdziabek Richard Kapend
Bob Simpson X Will Betts

Some nice judo seen from each team, all contests ending with ippon apart from one hard fought draw, and this time the final score was in southampton’s favour with 8 wins to 3.


Some more photos and video on the club flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/southamptonuniversityjudo