Competitions next term

The guys who came to BUCS were asking about options for competitions next term. There are relatively few, but this is a summary of those that are relatively local.

April 28
Firstly we have a friendly event at home, the alumni sports day where we get to take on a team of alumni.With some social action to follow.

April 29
Hot on the heels of the alumni day is the Salisbury open.It is an open grade competition but it does have a 14-19 age group which some of you may just fit into. Note that the closing date is Mon April 16 – so if you want to do it then you need to get your entry done this week.

May 20
High Wycombe run their Ne Waza tournament for the 3rd time. Good fun if you like your groundwork. Details at the link below although entry is done online. Spring 2012.pdf

June 24

Finally, and rather late in/after the end of term is the Kent International. The “unique” experience of competing at Crystal Palace and you get a flashy back patch to put on your suit. Again it is open grade for senior players.

Take a look and let us know if you fancy any of these. And if you want to do Salisbury then get your entry in – I’ve kept the day clear to drive down there.


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