Alumni Sports Day

Yesterday was the Alumni Sports Day that we took part in for the second time. I have just checked and the Last time we were part of it was in 2007 and that time we had 6 man teams and the final result was 3-3 with the win awarded to the university by points.

This time we had a range of alumni along to join in the fun, ranging from those who had graduated in the 80s, to ex-captain Matt who graduated last year.

After a warm up and a quick assessment of the attendees we drew up a 7 person team draw that let most attendees take part in the competition. Everyone fought with enthusiasm and although some people had done little judo recently or were relatively new to the sport we saw a great range of techniques and some very close contests.

The alumni team took an early lead with 3 wins and that left the university players with a lot of work to do if they were to win again.

Josh turned the tables by submitting Matt in the 4th contest with a strangle. Dan however then turned the tables by holding Richard for Ippon after a hard fought match.

Current club captain Andrew took on Filipe who is returning to judo after a break and they fought hard for the full 4 minutes with neither able to break through the others defence to register a score. Finally it was left to Ricardo to finish on a positive note for the university team, holding down Andy for ippon.

So the final result was 4-2 to the alumni team. Full results below

University Points Duration Points Alumni
Hakan Pekmeczi 2m40s 10 (throw) Paul Gregory
Vlad Niste 2m10s 10 (hold) James Haestier
Oli Maurice 1m21s 10 (throw) Mark Blundell
Josh Davies 10 (strangle) 1m21s Matt Vincent
Richard Kapend 3m33s 10 (hold) Dan Varndell
Andrew Douglass 4m00s Filipe Araujo
Riccardo Castelli 10 (hold) 1m21s Andy Middleton

The session finished with some more informal randori before we retired to the pub to keep Andy happy! If we can get even more people along to do the same thing again next year that would be great so if you are in touch with anyone else who used to be in the club, then let them know and get them to drop us a line. And hopefully those who were unable to come for a variety of reasons this year will be able to come next time.


2 Responses to Alumni Sports Day

  1. Filipe says:

    Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say that I had a lot of fun on Saturday and I look forward to the next Alumni event! Need to admit that still feel a bit of the pain but hey, no pain no gain!!! Cheers

  2. sotonunijudo says:

    More practice will sort out those aches and pains! when do we start on your dan grade theory? glad you had fun!

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