Sunday training updates

Hi folks

A few tweaks and changes in Sunday training for the next few weeks for you to be aware of and plan for:

Oct 28 – this sunday
Back to the normal 5pm start after last week’s 530pm kick off.
Don’t forget that the clocks are changing!

Sunday Nov 4
The second round of the Hampshire Team Tournament is taking place, at Solent Uni again.
This takes place from 3pm to 6pm so overlaps our session. I think we should be able to muster 2 teams this time and it would be great to go down with teams, take along anyone not competing to watch and cheer everyone on, then head round the corner to the pub for a couple of drinks.

If you want to be part of a team please drop me a note with your weight, BJA license number and license expiry date (some of you who have expressed interest need to renew!) and I will start to figure out if we can get 2 whole teams together. If you just want to come down and watch, let me know too so I can keep you up to date with what is happening.

Sunday Nov 11
This week, there will be a South East Universities training session taking place in Chichester. The session will be 10am-4pm, with a technical session in the morning and randori in the afternoon. If you want to come along please let me know so that I can plan transport. You must be graded to at least 6 Kyu and there will be a small charge towards transport and the session.



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