Merry Christmas

December 21, 2012

Hope everyone has enjoyed judo this term. We are back with the usual sessions in the new year starting from the first Tuesday of next term. Don’t forget that you’ll brain will appreciate a break from revision!

For the guys aiming for the University Championships, you need to remember that they are a month earlier this year, at the end of February. This means that you will have around 1 month less time to prepare for the competition than in previous years, and that affects fitness work, judo, and weight management. So do try and make the most of your time off to put in some solid cardio work, don’t go too mad on the Christmas goodies, and we’ll see you back on the mat keen and ready to go on January 8.

Have a great break!


Hampshire Team Competition – round 3

December 3, 2012

Time flies, and its the beginning of the month again and time for another round of the Hampshire Team competition. The first 2 rounds have been good fun and we went into round 3 with the added bonus of leading the overall league table.

With a few injuries meaning we had no options for a female team member we started out one person down; however the ladies present had other ideas and decided they would club together to take on the men and 4 person teams were the order of the day.

Gentle persuasion on our beginners had started to have an effect and this time we had Tom along for his first ever judo competition. It was great to see a growing number of beginners lining up in other teams too; which is after all the point of this series of events.

Nice to have club members coming down to support the team too – Mehrdad came down to check the competition out and ended up being “gently” persuaded to grab a judogi and help out the undermanned Solent Uni team, while Charlotte came down to show off her posh new sling and did a great job of one handed photography.


Along with ourselves and the ladies’ composite team, teams from Holbrook and Solent Uni meant we had a round robin contest between 4 teams again.


There were great fights in each of the contests, and the novice players in particular were learning some valuable lessons such as “4 minutes is a long time when its a judo contest!”.

We were lucky enough to have the strongest team on paper and there were nice composed performances from the more experienced players. Tom has some experience in other martial arts but this was his first judo competition, but that didn’t stop him getting stuck in and finding out what its like to make the step up from randori.


He was pretty happy after his first win.

Guesting for Solent Uni meant that Mehrdad was matched against Tom for our final match of the day. It was one of the best matched contests of the day and went for the full 4 minutes including a long ne-waza exchange. In the end however Mehrdad took the win thanks to an early waza-ari score


Mehrdad was pretty happy with his win too!


The rest of the day went to plan, with ne-waza wins from Will and Szymon and nice ippon throws from Dan.



The final score left us the winning team for the second time from 3 rounds which should give us a sound lead in the league table.

Great performances from all teams, with nice judo and a good sporting approach to the day. Really looking forward to the next round and I hope we can encourage more beginners to come and take part and hopefully other clubs can as well.

Thanks to Mehrdad for stepping up and helping out the Solent Uni guys, and to Charlotte for taking great photos despite only having one arm in action.

Full photo set here –

No Judo sunday – Dec 2nd

December 1, 2012

Remember, no judo this Sunday as we are taking a team to the Hampshire Team Competition. If you want to come along and support it is 3pm on sunday at St Marys Leisure Centre