An update from Alex

January 25, 2009

Alex sent me an update on how he has been getting on at the Kodokan:

hi, just thought you might like an update.. After new year there was the kangeiko, or mid winter training for two weeks. It was 530 till 730 every morning! Horrible! But one of the 8th Dan senseis aged 83 did a ne-waza workshop everyday which I went to, learnt some intersting stuff and hopefully can get some of it on video, so may have some interesting stuff to show when I get back.

We covered what seemed like a million different wayd to do san-gaku jime, I think I remember about three! Also did the old classic, tomoe-nage attack straight to ju-ji gatame.

I even did a kata class yesterday, just some of the nage-no-kata. It`s still not really my thing but I guess if everone needs to know it now I guess I should! One of them here even showed us how to tie the belt for kata, it can`t cross at the back in the normal way apparently..very different to the randoori I like!